The future high-density industrial operation of gas drilling coming to rural areas such as Sullivan County provides a great impetus for us all to become as informed and educated as possible on the many aspects of drilling and its related impacts so we can be effective in protecting our community, environment, health and safety.

Some of the effects are easy to see while other aspects of the drilling process create harm that may be underestimated until it’s too late to avoid or correct the damage.

There is a myriad of information out there already on gas drilling, and on the Marcellus Shale specifically. Rather than “reinvent the wheel,” we have referenced key resources on the impacts of gas drilling—highlighting local and regional impacts and links to other valuable educational and revealing information.

May 2015 update on new studies: The Multi-State Shale Research Collaborative (MSSRC) has done research on the employment, social and safety impacts of gas drilling that will add to your knowledge. This new information is now available for your review click here to view this data.

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