PEMA began in the spring of 2010 among community members seeking to understand the depth and breadth of the natural gas industry and how it might impact our area.  The more we learned, the more concerned we became that Eagles Mere and its surrounding area could be adversely affected, not just in the immediate future, but for generations to come.

Now an established 501(c)3 organization, we seek to serve as a community and regional resource for natural gas drilling information.  We continue to welcome members with widely varying concerns, interests and ideologies, leveraging each others experiences, expertise and information to best protect  and preserve the physical and environmental integrity and safety of our area, as well as a way of life that generations of year ‘round and summer residents alike have come to treasure.

Mission Statement

The Protect Eagles Mere Alliance (PEMA) is a 501(c)3 organization whose purpose is to protect Eagles Mere from any negative effects of natural gas drilling and/or its byproducts through education, coalition building, and advocacy.

Board of Directors:

  • Jim Ash
  • Shannon Mudrick Baker
  • Nancy Liebert
  • Holly Schadler
  • Mary Ann Sigler Stanton
  • Jim Way


Show Your Support for PEMA

We have PEMA t-shirts and car magnets available to show your support for PEMA  and help with our fundraising efforts.  Just send us an e-mail a protecteaglesmere@gmail.com to order!

To make a monetray donation. just click on this Donate link to go to PayPal, or mail a check to PEMA to make a monetary donation (mailing address listed below).

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