Friends of PEMA

Eagles Mere Conservancy

The Eagles Mere Conservancy was the most likely organization to which the fledgling PEMA looked for support and guidance as we created our mission and structure.  Through both human and financial capital, the Conservancy was, and continues to be, a true partner to PEMA.

The Eagles Mere Foundation

In July of 2010, the Eagles Mere Foundation generously granted our application for seed funding for PEMA with a grant of $15,000, asking only that it be matched by other donors or organizations.  This vote of confidence in our mission was instrumental in moving PEMA forward.

The Eagles Mere Association

The Eagles Mere Association (EMA) owns Eagles Mere Lake, including the Outlet Pond, a strip of land approximately 100 feet wide around the lake and the pond, and additional Eagles Mere property. In order to best protect the lake and the rest of its assets, the EMA co-sponsored the Hydrogeology Study with a donation of $5,000, and is continuing toactively partner with PEMA and other community organizations to determine the best plan to protect Eagles Mere.

Civil Society Institute

In the Fall of 2010, PEMA applied for and received a grant from the Civil Society Institute, a foundation which seeks to solve big picture problems through creative solutions.  This grant was for $25,000.   They generously provided another grant to PEMA in 2011.

Responsible Drilling Alliance (RDA)

RDA is a local education and advocacy coalition that helped PEMA immensely last summer as we were getting organized, and continues to provide support and expertise to PEMA. Through outreach programs, events, public forums, and their e-newsletter, RDA strives strive to balance the conversation on drilling pros and cons with authenticity.  RDA advocates for federal, state and local regulations needed to protect our economy, environment, health, safety and quality of life. Check them out at

Loyalsock Creek Watershed Association

We live, play, and raise our children in watersheds. Our drinking water comes from watersheds ,and our watersheds provide resources for the economy, recreation, and wildlife. No matter where we are, we are always in a watershed.  Protecting our watersheds in Sullivan County means clean water in our streams, which means healthy drinking water in our homes. It provides for safe water activities, such as swimming and boating and a healthy environment for abundant wildlife and natural resources in and around our aquatic environments. Clean water is essential for life threats to our clean water do not follow political boundaries, but occur within watersheds.  For more information or to contact the Loyalsock Creek Watershed Association: Loyalsock Creek Watershed Association, P.O. Box 216, Montoursville, PA 17754            Carol Kafer, President  570-435-3446

North Central Water Source Protection Association

When a tap is turned on, water comes out. There is usually not a lot of thought to the process of how that water was treated or even where that water originated. What Source Water Protection (SWP) does is focus on the source directly; long before a drop of chemical is added in the treatment process. Once a community water system takes the step to embrace the concept of SWP, it opens the door for many proactive opportunities to protect its precious water resource. It also allows the system to enter into an elite group of forward‐thinking water systems that openly grasp the long term benefits of source water protection.  Click here to read more . . .

Our Individual Donors and Volunteers

PEMA’s efforts are an intensely human enterprise, by virtue of the many people-hours that must be logged to stay up to date on the constantly changing industrial, environmental, and legislative issues involved with natural gas drilling in the Marcellus and other shale areas both regionally, statewide, nationally and internationally.  To date, the overwhelming majority of these efforts are contributed by volunteers, for which we are infinitely grateful.  PEMA is also the thankful recipient of many donations from individual donors at many different levels.

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