a federal jury has awarded two couples nearly 4 25 million after finding one of the largest natural gas drillers in pa polluted their wells

Associated Press         March 10, 2016 By MICHAEL RUBINKAM Two couples were awarded nearly $4.25 million on Thursday after a federal jury found one of the largest natural gas producers in Pennsylvania was responsible for the contamination of their well water, capping a six-year odyssey that turned their sleepy village into a […]

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Are Fracking Wastewater Wells Poisoning the Ground Beneath Our Feet?

Leaking injection wells may pose a risk and the science has not kept pace with the growing glut of wastewater Abrahm Lustgarten        Scientific American/ ProPublica         June 2012 Over the past several decades, U.S. industries have injected more than 30 trillion gallons of toxic liquid deep into the earth, using broad expanses of the […]

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Amid Fracking Boom, Unlicensed Middlemen Often Closing the Deals Reuters Investigates

Reuters    October 2, 2012 INVESTIGATIVE REPORT:   Drilling companies are hiring and dispatching brokers to cut deals with local land owners for their mineral rights. The mission of these so-called “land men”: Close the deal quickly. Reuters travelled to Carroll County, Ohio, to find out more about this unregulated aspect of the hydraulic fracturing boom. Click […]

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Are Leaking Wells Letting Methane Get into Dimocks Water?

Laura Legere           Times Tribune      September 30, 2012 More than two years after the state halted a natural gas drillers operations in a corner of Dimock Twp., the right answer to a last question is all that stands between drill bits and earth. Are leaking wells still allowing gas to escape into residents drinking water? Water […]

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As Gas Industry Heats Up, Potentially Radioactive Waste Materials Are Shipped Out – But At What Cost ?

The Columbia Gas well in Beaver County is located at the Blackhawk Storage Facility in South Beaver Township, about 30 miles southeast of Youngstown. Beaver County’s lone well is different from the wells in Ohio. Columbia Gas stores gas it purchases in the well in the summer, then withdraws the gas to sell in the […]

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